austin engagement

Jaye & Art - Outdoor Engagement Portraits in Austin

Jaye & Art had never been to the 360 overlook above Pennybacker Bridge, but it had been on their list for quite a while - making it the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. I captured them doing some of their favorite things - hiking, exploring, and being with each other. Click to enlarge.

Lalo & Sarah - Lifestyle Portraits - Cute Dogs and Playing Games

I feel extremely fortunate to have meet Lalo & Sarah - they are some of the most down to earth, friendliest people I know. I went to their house to capture a typical night in for the two of them - playing games, making drinks, petting dogs (Chester and the appropriately named Texas). It's all you could want in a lifestyle portrait session. Click to enlarge.

Jess & Erica - Lifestyle Engagement Photo in the Capitol of Texas

Jess & Erica joined me on a sunny morning to do the first half of their engagement photos near the Capitol building in Austin. We explored Congress Street and found little bits of Texas history and giant colorful murals. We got coffee at Royal Blue and spent the morning talking about comedy, movies and Angelina Eberly.